Skating Lessons Toronto

Skating Lessons Toronto

Toronto Skating LessonsWelcome to Skate Toronto. Skate Toronto offers Learn to Skate lessons, figure skating lessons and private skating lessons at skating rinks in the Greater Toronto Area including North York, Scarborough, Markham, Thornhill, Vaughan and Richmond Hill. For more information about our current learn to skate and figure skating programs please click on the registration link where you will be able to register for these programs online.

Our Learn to Skate Program

The Skate Toronto Learn to Skate program is designed to teach skaters from beginners to more advanced levels the fundamentals of skating. This program is divided into 4 levels and skaters are placed into levels according to their skating ability. Skate Toronto honors any other equivalent learn to skate levels in any other skating program. Our Learn to Skate classes include elements such as stopping, gliding, skating forwards, skating backwards, turning and stopping. Our learn to skate program is offered for tots, children, youth and adults.

Our Figure Skating Programs

Figure Skating LessonsOur figure skating programs have three categories, Bronze, Silver and Gold in three categories, Freestyle, Ice Dance and Artistic skating. The Bronze figure skating programs introduce these categories to skaters that have completed the learn to skate program. The Silver and Gold figure skating programs are for figure skaters at the intermediate and senior levels.

In our freestyle program skaters learn figure skating elements including jumps, spins, stroking and field movements. In our Ice Dance category figure skaters will learn international pattern dances. In the Ice Dance program skaters are paired up for dances. In our artistic skating programs skaters are introduced to artistic skating elements and put together a routine to music either as a solo performance or in a group setting. On occasion Skate Toronto offers the Artistic Skate as a Theatre on Ice program where skaters will put together a performance for the end of the program.

Private Skating Lessons

Private Skating LessonsCoaches at Skate Toronto also provide private skating lessons for Skate Toronto members and for non-members at the learn to skate and figure skating levels throughout the Greater Toronto area. Private skating lessons allow you to learn to skate at your own pace and for your coach to customize skating lessons for your personal needs. This way you can progress at a faster rate.

Our coaches offer private skating lessons on Ticket Ice and other instructional skating facilities in North York, Scarborough, Markham, Mississauga, Vaughan, Thornhill and Richmond Hill. For more information about taking private skating lessons for learn to skate or for figure skating at any level please visit the Private Lessons or Contact Us link. A figure skating coach will get in touch with you to discuss your options.

Private skating lessons are typically offered throughout the Winter and Summer seasons as Toronto has many skating rinks that are open for skating lessons all year round. The rates of private skating lessons depends on the level of the skater, whether it is a private or semi-private skating lesson and the coach. Typically you can expect to pay between $30 and $70 for an hour.

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Power Skating Program

Skate Toronto offers a power skating program for skaters that are interested in playing for a hockey league to improve their skating skills.  The power skating classes are offered to skaters that have completed the Learn to Skate program or that have the equivalent skating skills.  For more information about times and locations for power …

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Learn to Skate Program

The Skate Toronto Learn to Skate program is designed to give skaters of all ages fundamental skating skills for recreational skating. Our Learn to Skate program has 4 levels and gives basic skating skills for beginners including forward skating, stopping, gliding, turning and backward skating. Our more advanced Learn to Skate levels give skaters more …

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Figure Skating Freestyle Program

The Skate Toronto Freestyle Figure Skating Program is designed to introduce basic figure skating elements such as spins, artistic elements, off ice conditioning and jumps at an introductory level. More advanced figure skaters can then learn elements such as sequence jumps and variation spins at more senior courses in the program. Our Freestyle Figure Program …

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Ice Dance Figure Skating Program

The Skate Toronto Figure Skating Dance program offers our students to opportunity to learn pattern figure skating dances and dance elements at our skate school. There are 3 figure skating dance levels each with 3 pattern dances. In order to participate in our Figure Skating Dance Program skaters must have completed the Learn to Skate …

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